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Welcome to the WHSC IDPA Course of Fire Library

The purpose of this library is to encourage our members to become involved with the CoF design process so they can contribute original CoF designs. Not only is it challenging and fun for the member to get involved with designing the courses, but it also helps make the Match Director's job easier.  And everyone benefits from the varied designs, making the matches even more enjoyable and challenging for us all!

So, if you are interested in helping out by designing stages for our matches, this page has info and links to help you! There are links to downloadable props and examples of previously used stages organized by rounds fired (from 5 through 18)

Some things you should know.  Corse of Fire or (CoF) is also known as a Stage or Scenario, these terms can be used interchangeably.  And a CoF/Stage/Scenario may or may not have multiple strings within it.

One important note from IDPA headquarters... "Of fundamental importance, when developing a new IDPA CoF, is to think through what you are trying to simulate.  Ask yourself, (could this really happen)".

Now, go for it! -- and enjoy yourself.


Click below for IDPA stages:

Click here for BUG  stages.

Click here for Non-IDPA stages these might include standards, skills & rifle or shot gun only stages.

Step 1 - Read the IDPA Rule Book & Rules Addendum

Step 2 - Read this!  Guidelines to Designing a CoF

Step 3 - Explore the possibilities & previous designs, then come up with your original idea.

Step 4 - Download these Word docs Props & Blank Stage Sheet then save them to your computer so you can copy & paste your way to creating CoF.

Step 5 - Submit it to the match director for approval.  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!






The 1st Law
All Guns Are
Always Loaded!

The 2nd Law
 Never Point The Muzzle
At Something You Are
Not Willing To Destroy!

The 3rd Law
Keep Your Finger
Off The Trigger
Until Your Sights
Are On The Target!

The 4th Law
Identify Your Target,
And What Is Behind It!